Peter's Journey

Peter Doyle’s Journey to Leadership & Executive Coaching

My name is Peter Doyle, a transformational leadership and executive coach specialising in next-generation leaders.

With a consulting history spanning over three decades, I possess extensive experience in coaching psychology, motivational mindset approaches, conversations of alignment, personal power, and leadership development.

In my early 30s, I decided to resign from my academic job as a University Lecturer to delve more deeply into my path of self-knowledge and spiritual exploration. Since then, I have had the privilege of founding a leading-edge positive psychology firm called Guidelight Psychology, with offices on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. With 30 plus years of business and coaching success, my firm has become a renowned industry leader in the field of executive coaching, providing outstanding services to numerous clients in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and beyond.

The Path to Leadership and Executive Coaching

However, along this pathway of being a maverick, entrepreneurial business owner; a high calibre coaching/counselling psychologist and a leading-edge workplace health and well-being consultant, I wrestled with a period where I was on the brink of burnout.

In common with most successful business owners who have built and led an enduring, valuable, quality enterprise over multiple decades, I have had to dig deep to navigate through many challenges, setbacks and wildcard crisis events that can shake even the strongest of mindsets and unsettle even a deeply purposeful vision.

Eventually I came to a tipping point precipice where, unable to continue to utilise my force of will and indomitable spirit to overcome the hardship and fatigue from my long-time business journey, I spiralled into severe financial hardship and had to dig deep into my soul around 2016 to traverse through those character building times.

Experiencing Burnout

Although this period felt like the worst of times, now upon reflection, I understand this test of my resolve was also the best of times.

The pain and upheaval of this extremely stressful period in my business and personal journey sharpened my own lens to work more deeply on myself through my consulting tools of:

  • love-based leadership practices;
  • energy and positive psychology techniques;
  • expanded self-knowledge;
  • and high-level motivational mindset approaches.


Through courage, perseverance and guidance during those challenging few years I uncovered the grace to transform the shadow aspects of my own hubris and ego that had contributed to my personal crisis. Lessons were gratefully learned and integrated so that with a deep sense of appreciation, by 2018 I was ready to evolve into my next level of service to my clients.

The Leadership Circles Program

I developed the six-month Leadership Circles signature program in collaboration with a consulting partner regarded as a wise elder in the field of organisational psychology and workplace facilitation.

My subsequent soft launch of the Peter Doyle Coaching brand (PDC) has succeeded as a next level leading edge provider; confidently building upon the priceless skills, knowledge and intellectual property created within all my previous workplace and individual coaching history.

At PDC the enduring passion and purpose that empowers the longevity of my work as a leadership and executive coach is my heartfelt calling to nurture the human spirit.

I do this within a professional framework of collaborative service to each of my clients who are striving for deeper levels of personal insight and professional effectiveness. My individual coaching clients and I achieve their growth outcomes through a personalised and curated approach, drawing upon the tools of positive psychology, energy psychology, emotional intelligence, spiritual self-knowledge and love-based leadership.

Over these most recent years I have been lovingly cultivating and curating the Peter Doyle Coaching brand to better guide next generation leaders to activate higher levels of effectiveness, and create extraordinary outcomes at work and in all areas of their life.

I have gained an extraordinarily valuable and hard-earned education having proudly coached and guided thousands of wonderful clients and a multitude of our professional staff team members at the helm of Guidelight across these nearly 30 years of my professional service as a business owner.

From the beginnings of my coaching career as the founder of Guidelight Psychology in 1994, I am blessed to be still benefiting to this day by continuing with gratitude and appreciation in this role selectively into the 2020’s by coaching our extensive range of aspirational clients, to enhance their lives through utilisation of our positive psychology tools and well-being resources. 

I have always believed in the importance of walking your own path and thinking clearly for yourself.  Working with people to amplify the depth of their character and mindset as a leader is a wonderful privilege. 

I hold a high level of empathy and compassion for the unique wisdom and self-directed pathways of each person navigating their own leadership and personal/professional development journey, across the rich tapestry of their work and family lives.  I have invested a lifetime into developing my own and my clients’ depth of personal power.

It continues to be my extraordinary privilege and passion to coach growth-oriented leaders to step deeper into their personal power, to expand their level of abundance in all senses of that word, and to amplify their ability to do more good in our world.