A Day in the Life of an Executive Leadership Coach

By sharing this glimpse into my day as an executive leadership coach, I hope that it will help you recognise if I offer the type of coaching programs which you may have been searching for

Over my many years as an executive leadership coach and registered Organisational and Counselling psychologist, business owner and family man, I have learned that the personal and professional aspects of our lives are entwined, rather than separate entities.

Holistic Leadership Development

For this reason, I encourage my high-performing clients to create daily rituals across the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, as part of their leadership development.

Thus it is no surprise that this glimpse into my day as an executive leadership coach, reveals that I have integrated these into some well-established daily routines.

5am: I find that starting each day with meditation and yoga / stretching is something that nourishes me physically, as well as spiritually and emotionally. My meditation includes reflections on guiding questions such as:

  • “What can I do today to develop more loving kindness towards myself and others?”

  • “What is the reason and purpose I do the things I do each day/week/month/year?”

  • “What deeply touches, moves and inspires me?”

6.30am: Most days I like to incorporate a gym workout and heart-warming cardio routine to keep my physical being in good shape. This is followed by a tasty and nutritious breakfast with my lovely wife.

8.30am: By starting my workday by reading motivational blogs and keynote inspirational authors, I am setting myself up for success both intellectually and spiritually.

9am: My work as an executive leadership coach is certainly varied! It may lead me to work from home, or in either my Brisbane or Gold Coast offices. I may consult via phone, Skype or face-to-face with individual clients, work with small groups such as those in the Leadership Circles program, or provide support or workshops within organisations.

Making Space for the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual + Spiritual

Lunch: A healthful lunch provides my body with the fuel to be at my best in the afternoon. By spending it in the beauty of nature I am nurturing my spirit; if I am sharing the meal and conversation with a colleague, this stimulates me intellectually; or perhaps I might make use of the time to read books and articles to equip me with the latest research and knowledge in the executive leadership field.

After lunch: The afternoon hours often find me at my desk, checking and responding to emails, writing or reviewing notes for upcoming client meetings, as well as coaching sessions with clients.

6pm: When the work for the day is done, sharing the evening meal is a great time for connecting with family, or we may take the dog for a walk on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast where we live.

Bedtime: At the close of my day, I find a beautiful way to prepare for sleep is with deep reflection on what I am grateful and appreciative about in my life.

I hope that you have enjoyed this sneak peek behind the scenes – and if you are interested in finding out more about the executive coaching services I provide at Peter Doyle Coaching, I welcome you to contact me.

Or perhaps you would first just love to gauge how you are currently tracking along your own path to becoming an Extraordinary, Inspirational, Next Generational Leader: then please click here to utilise our free self-rating questionnaire!

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