Making the Most of Your Christmas Break

It’s certainly been a year like no other, so most of us are more than ready for a Christmas break!

Of course it will probably look a bit different to normal – no foreign travel for starters, and with restricted movement between states or even lockdown possible here in Australia due to a certain pandemic.

Despite the challenges, Christmas comes but once a year so here are some tips on how to make the most of your Christmas break after what’s been one heck of a year!

Christmas is the Perfect Time to take a Break

It may seem like a no-brainer but when you are in a position of leadership – for example, in executive management – taking an actual break is easier said than done.

However we all need to take time off to recharge our batteries, and that means disconnecting – something which many of us have really struggled with this year now that working from home has become so commonplace.

While we may feel guilty about taking a break when there is always so much to be done, rest and relaxation will ensure you start 2021 with a spring in your step! And remember that this is possibly the BEST time of year to take a break, as most of Australia seems to shut down for the week between Christmas and New Year at least.

To make the most of your Christmas break, even if you aren’t actually going away anywhere, here are some helpful tips.

Before Your Christmas Break

  • Turn on your email ‘out-of-office’ message.

  • Make a list of all the things that have been buzzing around your head all year, that you wanted to do on your break. It doesn’t matter if you actually do them, or only make a start on some of them – the important thing is to get them out of your head. This is an important step in clearing your mind so you are ready for rest and reflection, as well as new thoughts and idea.

During Your Christmas Break

  • Leave your phone in another room when you go to bed. This will reduce the temptation of playing on your phone before you go to sleep, as well as when you wake in the morning. Using your digital device before bed has a negative impact on your sleep; while checking it before you even roll out of bed is not the best way to get your day underway either!

  • Once all the hoop-la of Christmas Day has settled, it’s time to relax. What helps you to unwind, what are those things that you never usually get to do when you are in your normal working routine? Whether it’s an afternoon nap, watching the midday movie, spending some quality time with the kids, getting together with friends, curling up with a good book, or floating in the pool, it’s time to take it easy and enjoy all the good things that life has to offer!

  • Make a point of connecting with nature. What a brilliant part of the world we live in here in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, with so much natural beauty and attractions all within easy reach. There are so many ways to get active in the outdoors – swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing, or going for a walk along the water’s edge. Or, simply sit outside with a cold beverage as the sun sets.

After Your Christmas Break

  • Those happy snaps you took on your break? Use them as your computer wallpaper or the lock screen on your phone; or print them out and display them! Research has shown that looking at favourite photos of friends and family is a great mood booster!

Here at Peter Doyle Coaching we ‘walk the talk’ and so we are taking a break from Wednesday 23 December until Monday 11th January 2021.

Our Christmas wish for our leaders, clients, friends, family and associates, is that you will make the most of your Christmas break – because the personal and professional rewards are worth it!

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