What Does Success In Leadership Look Like?

After more than 25 years in the psychology industry, and as an executive coach helping others to realise their leadership potential, I’ve realised that my definition of success in leadership may be a little different to the usual.

After more than 25 years in the psychology industry, and as an executive coach helping others to realise their leadership potential, I’ve realised that my definition of success in leadership may be a little different to the usual.

According to many in our society, a successful leader is one who has:

  • found fame and fortune;

  • achieved excellence and recognition in their chosen field;

  • accumulated wealth and possessions;

  • an impressive string of credentials after their name.

And yet – they may be miserable. Along the way they may have sacrificed their family, their friends, and even their health in the process.

Ultimately, the single-mindedness which helped them reach the peak, is not their friend.

What is Success in Leadership?

At Peter Doyle Coaching, I believe that a balanced approach to life and leadership is much more advantageous and sustainable.

A successful leader is a person of character and substance who wants to make a positive difference first of all for themselves, and then others through a ripple effect.

My definition of success in leadership is a person who:

  • is quick to recognise the and appreciate the skills and efforts of others, instead of claiming all the credit for themselves;

  • is generous about sharing their knowledge and resources, instead of hoarding them;

  • has an attitude of gratitude, instead of complaining and criticising;

  • is open to new thoughts and ideas, rather than close minded;

  • accepts (or even embraces!) change, knowing that resistance is futile;

  • practices forgiveness rather, than holding grudges;

  • are humble, not entitled;

  • build others up, rather than tearing them down;

  • celebrate the wins of others, instead of being jealous.

  • has concrete goals, rather than being aimless or distracted; .

  • talks about ideas, not people.

  • takes responsibility, rather than blaming others.

In closing, I love this quote by Oleg Vishnepolsky, CTO of the Daily Mail online and

Unsuccessful people measure success with money, titles, positions. Successful people measure success with how much difference they made in other people’s lives.

If you share a similar vision of success in leadership, at Peter Doyle Coaching I provide:

to equip you to step into your full leadership potential.

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