What is Executive Leadership Coaching?

While executive leadership coaching + business coaching both ultimately benefit the organization, they are very different. Find out what sets them apart …

People tend to use the terms executive coaching and business coaching interchangeably, however there are definite differences.

At Peter Doyle Coaching for example, our specialty is in providing executive coaching services.

What is an Executive?

A quick internet search reveals that an executive is a leader within an organization, in a senior managerial role. Their position usually entails supervisory authority, and the power to make decisions and put them into action.

While an executive may be a senior member of staff in the public, private or non-profit sector, they could also be the owner of the company, which is where the confusion between “executive coaching” and “business coaching” may arise.

The Similarities

Both executive leadership coaching and business coaching ultimately benefit the organization. They may be delivered either one-on-one, or in group programs; and provide accountability to the individual being coached.

However, the focus is different.

Understanding Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching is about working with the individual and helping them to reach their full potential.

Executive leadership coaching aims to improve the individual’s self-awareness, and how they relate to others. It is holistic in nature, which means it is about every aspect of the person – and not just the one that shows up at work each day.

As such, it encompasses mindset, health and wellbeing, emotional intelligence, communication, and so much more. Here on the Peter Doyle Coaching blog for example, you’ll find articles on:




While executive leadership coaching has a focus on the individual, the reality is that personal growth leads to professional growth, and over time tends to have a flow on effect on the other people in the organization, thereby leading to better productivity and outcomes.

Business coaching on the other hand, is about identifying and working on the systems and processes that will improve the bottom line, rather than the individual.

Executive Leadership Coaching: Achieve Your Full Potential!

As an endorsed Organisational Psychologist, Peter Doyle has over twenty five years’ experience working with executives and leaders, to help them achieve better results in their personal and professional lives.

Operating from within a positive psychology framework, the team at Peter Doyle Coaching seeks to serve people wanting the tools and self-knowledge to enhance their performance – and subsequently, the performance of the teams they lead.

For an obligation-free chat, please contact Peter Doyle on 0419 792 064 or via the contact form on this website.

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