Welcome to our Shift on Purpose podcast

Peter Doyle (Registered Psychologist and Leadership & Executive Coach) joins Paul Brian (Entrepreneur, Mentor and Mindset Coach) as they explore how to live an inspired life with more joy, fulfilment, peace of mind and wellbeing. Their goal is to inspire, empower and nurture the human spirit. So please sit back, relax, and take in these episodes of Shift on Purpose.

Episode 005: Energy Shifts and Embodying your Highest Self

Explore the world of energy shifts and self-realisation in this transformative episode. Learn practical methods to break free from limiting energy patterns and align with your aspirations. Discover the impact of conscious vs. subconscious choices on your journey to authenticity and success.

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Episode 004: Don’t be derailed by chaos

In this episode, Peter and Paul discuss dealing with chaotic events outside of our control. Far from a Utopia, this world is imperfect and will throw obstacles our way – both natural and man-made. Listen as we discuss tools and techniques to allow you to find your footing when the earth is shaky beneath.

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Episode 003: Fear of failure

In episode 3, Peter and Paul break down the fear of failure with practical examples from their past. Listen as we delve into the topic of imposter syndrome, escaping societal constructs, and finding the courage to go against the status quo and take the road you’re meant to travel!

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Episode 002: The horses and the stagecoach

Peter and Paul discuss the importance of quietening the noisy world around us so that we can listen to our inner calling. Learn how high-caliber people tackle the modern world, and what you can do to find your own path, and stay the course! We apologise for some slight audio issues whilst recording this episode. We’ve got them under control for episode 3, so stay tuned!

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Episode 001: No one is coming to save you

In episode 1, Peter and Paul explore the famous Mel Robbins quote: “No one is coming to save you. No one is coming to push you. It’s all up to YOU. You need to parent yourself if you want to make your dreams come true. You CAN do it… you just have to stop waiting to feel like it.”

Listen as we unpack finding motivation within, discovering your calling, and leaning into your purpose.

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