Transformative Culture & WELLBEING Retreats

A One Day Retreat that Empowers Individuals Personally and Professionally

  • Want increased clarity and focus?

  • A chance to re-energise body, mind and soul?

  • Space for quiet reflection?

  • Help with setting and planning a path to your goals?

  • Stress-busting strategies?

Step away for a day, at one of our Transformative Culture & Wellbeing Retreats

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One Day Retreat Program

This one day program is based on powerful principles from advanced psychology, and incorporates the four foundations of success originally used by the Harvard Business School - encapsulated in a series of enjoyable activities:

reconnect through movement and exploration

This session will focus on some simple stretching and body weight activities, designed to help mind and body reconnect.

guided visualisation

Psychologist Peter Doyle will lead participants through a mind body visualisation meditation - a powerful tool to help bring clarity and awareness.


Through a simple yoga sequence, participants will discover firsthand the benefits of focusing on their body and breathing, and how to incorporate it into their daily lives.

emotional anchoring & goal setting

Participants will be introduced to the concepts of emotional anchoring, and spend time setting goals and developing steps towards achieving them.

stress ratings

An exploration of the causes and drivers of stress, as well as ways to find calm even in the midst of a storm.


Quality food is a key component to a healthy and happy lifestyle. With delicious food prepared by a nutritionist, participants will literally taste the difference with meals that are specially designed to boost energy and focus throughout the one day retreat.

Developed by executive coaching psychologist Peter Doyle, the Transformative Culture & Wellbeing Retreat aims to help participants reach their full potential on both a personal and professional level.

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A Note from Peter Doyle 

“One of the most effective ways to nurture your human spirit and steep deeper into your personal power is to allow yourself a gentle day on retreat.

Our program is hosted around a beautiful rural cottage set on a pristine few private acres in the magnificent mountainous hinterland of Binna Burra on the GC.

All our nourishing food for this day is hand cooked with love by our in-house Nutritionist.

Our discussions & activities are grounded in the principals of advanced positive psychology and deep peace of mind.

Our purpose is to nurture the body, mind & spirit of each person during our one day retreat, with enormous freedom and respect for you to choose the level of engagement on the day that is right for you.

It is literally possible to spend the entire day relaxing on our hammock swing, eating glorious healthy food on our rustic verandah and walking alone through our ancient forests and cliffscapes if you so prefer.”


What Previous Participants Have Said

“Thank you ... for an amazing day yesterday. It was such a blessing, and helped me to slow down and breathe, relax and let go. You all made the day very special and I will never forget it. Thank you to Dianne too for the delicious food!”



“Exactly what I needed, to help me relax, rejuvenate, and better cope with the stress and demands of being a small business owner.”

Janet Camilleri,
Front Page Web Writing.

“Thank you for such a fantastic, insightful day! Wow! … Such a privilege to be guided by such warm and supportive souls.”

Christy Armstrong,
Gold Coast.

Meet the Facilitators

Peter Doyle Psychologist.png

Peter Doyle is a psychologist renowned for providing mindful leadership training to individuals and workplaces across Australia. He is passionate about helping people reconnect with their potential, and has been delivering a highly range of health and wellness programs for over 20 years. Learn More

Karin Jansma health and wellness Gold Coast - Copy.png

Based on the Gold Coast, Karin Jansma is an experienced yoga instructor, with a strong belief in the power of yoga and physical fitness to create a positive change in mind and body - through encouraging strength, focus, balance, flexibility and openness.

Dianne Doyle Nutritionist Gold Coast round.png

Dianne Doyle is an accredited nutritionist who believes in the power of food as medicine. She has been practising in the natural health industry for over 20 years, and has additional qualifications in aromatherapy and massage. Learn More