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Leadership Circles Program


Since 2016, the team at Peter Doyle Coaching have been guiding managers, entrepreneurs and executives to step deeper into their potential as a next generation leader through our Leadership Circles program. This mindful leadership training is conducted with a small group of no more than 12 participants from a range of different industry backgrounds, meeting monthly for a half-day workshop, over a six-month period. Due to popular expansion interstate and internationally, we now offer an additional program over Zoom.

Specifically designed for managers and organisational leaders keen to exercise power and influence with integrity and purpose, the format of these workshops incorporates:

  • individual and group coaching;
  • expert information and advice;
  • peer support;
  • review and reflection;
  • and a comprehensive handbook of practical information.


Based on clear and practical road maps and frameworks, and packed with tools to enable you to lead and coach others with wisdom, this is a unique opportunity for participants to mindfully create a leadership style that is purposeful, effective and sustainable. Find out more about the Leadership Circles conducted by Peter Doyle Coaching here.

Leadership Circles Program

  • Half day workshops, once a month – for 6 months;
  • No more than 12 participants, carefully selected;
  • Participants from a diverse range of industries;
  • Combines a variety of coaching and development approaches, allowing for maximum learning and development – including individual and group coaching; expert information and advice; peer support, review and reflection; and a comprehensive handbook of practical information.

Explore the Heart and Soul of Leadership

Leadership Circles: a six-month professional development program for those wanting to exercise power with integrity and purpose

While leadership and management theories and frameworks abound, Brisbane psychologist Peter Doyle has created the Leadership Circles program based on intensive research AND several decades of executive coaching practice.

The program pulls together the elements that are needed and known to work – so that you can achieve a leadership practice that:

  • Is optimally effective;

  • Aligns with, and expresses your deepest personal and professional values, aspirations, and passion;

  • Is ethical, and full of integrity;

  • Is sustainable – prevents burnout;

  • Has clear and practical road maps and frameworks;

  • Equips you with the tools to coach your reporting leaders.

This is not a beginner’s program. It is for current leaders and managers who aspire to make a real and positive difference – in business and the community, locally and beyond.

Course Facilitator

Peter Doyle psychologist

Peter Doyle - Psychologist, B Psych (Hons), MAPS, MCCOUNP, MCOP

Peter is an outstanding psychologist who has had over 25 years’ experience in the workplace and counselling settings, helping clients with a diverse range of personal, lifestyle and psychological well being issues.

Read Peter's full introduction

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Leadership Circles Content

Over the course of the six month program, participants will explore evidence-based approaches and leadership concepts such as:

1. The 3 empirically identified leadership factors needed to be effective, AND win REAL trust and engagement:

  • Integrity – “walking your talk”,

  • Humanity – kindness, care and compassion,

  • Competence – knowing your business!

2. Achieving High Performing Collaboration: What are “Conversations of Alignment”? How to harness the power of shared purpose, passion, and approach.

3. Evolving Leadership Practice and Culture: From Positional Power to Genuine Power, or Authoritarian to Authoritative Leadership. What is your “Default Mode Network”? Identifying and challenging the brain’s tendency to “go stoopid under pressure”, and to fall back on black and white thinking – when the world is far from this simple!

 4. “Mates @ Work”: Navigating the overlay of 2 sets of communication and relationship channels in all organisations (and any human system): the informal/personal, and the formal/structural. How do they interact, and how to intervene effectively if required.

 5. Beyond the Learning Organisation, and the Leader-as-Coach approach: Wielding power with strength and grace. Learn about the importance of how error (“failure”) and success are handled in the workplace

6. Pulling it All Together: Your path to leading with integrity and purpose.

Dates and Fees

Leadership Circles are usually conducted either in the Brisbane CBD or on the Gold Coast, depending on the current group’s needs. We now also hold a Virtual Leadership Circles Program (hosted via Zoom) for those participants located interstate or internationally.

The six month programs generally kick off in March and September each year, with sessions being held in the first week of each month.

The normal fee for a member to join our Leadership Circle is $6,600 inc GST per attendant.

There is an option to pay the fee in monthly instalments of $1,100 if preferred.

Our Incentivised Discounted Fee is only $5,940 inc GST for attendees wishing to make full prepayment a minimum of 14 days prior to the commencement date.

You can apply to be one of our valued members in the next Leadership Circles intake by clicking the button below. Upon receipt, we will contact you for an informal discussion (fees are of course only processed if following personal discussion, it is mutually agreed to proceed with your membership).

Do you know someone who would also benefit from being a part of our Leadership Circles program? When you invite a friend and they sign up, you will receive an additional 1 hour FREE individual coaching session with Peter Doyle himself. That’s an extra saving of $390!
Please note, for you to receive your referral bonus, the new person you refer must be new to Peter Doyle Coaching and must sign up for our Leadership Circles Program.

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