About Peter Doyle

Brisbane Psychologist Peter Doyle provides executive coaching and leadership development services that are firmly grounded in over 30 years of experience across the public and private sectors. As a registered psychologist and performance mindset coach, experienced presenter and group facilitator, Peter’s executive coaching and consulting services are underpinned by:

The evidence-based tools and strategies of positive psychology;

A solid understanding of management practices;

Personal experience of executive leadership and workplace demands, structures and expectations.


  • Leadership & Executive Coach

  • Registered Psychologist (Registration number PSY0001131049)

  • Author of “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” as well as “The 6 Myths of Leadership”

Learn more information about Peter’s journey to becoming a transformational leadership and executive coach here.

Peter employs a positive psychology framework in his work, which brings him immense satisfaction in guiding and empowering leaders, managers, and executives to realize their full potential and inspire their team members to do the same.

As an executive coach, his mission is to impart valuable knowledge and insights to each of his clients to help them achieve better outcomes in both their personal and professional lives.

Industry Leader

As the founder of Guidelight Psychology in both Gold Coast and Brisbane, Peter has established himself as a sought-after industry leader in executive performance coaching and consulting services. His reputation for delivering exceptional results has led to an increasing demand for his services not only in the local areas but also internationally.With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Peter continues to inspire and equip business leaders to achieve their full potential and drive their organizations towards greater success.
“On so many personal, spiritual, and professional levels, this year of my life has been a pretty rough road. However in stark relief, the facilitators and members of the Leadership Circle are indeed some of the people that I can truly be thankful for. I don’t exaggerate when I say that it has only been through your support and kindness that I have been able to deal with the emotional turmoil of this year… For this I will be forever indebted to you all.”

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