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Positive Mindset & Professional Success Video Series

Struggling with Stress, Time Pressures, and Competing Demands?

Successful Next Generation Leaders learn to focus on reducing this negative pressure, while at the same time expanding upon the positive energy they desire in their work and family lives.

To achieve this balance, we have designed for you an easy-to-follow, 3 part online video series – the “Positive Mindset & Professional Success” course. This video series is your perfect introduction into the world of Positive Psychology and Leadership Coaching. It is suitable if you are seeking concrete solutions for better peace of mind and the clarity to step into your next level of potential.

Expand upon your confidence and energy levels by watching Peter Doyle (Executive & Leadership Coach) demonstrate real-world personal development tools, techniques and strategies in coaching/counselling sessions with individual role-playing clients.

Within this offer, you will also receive hard-copy worksheets and homework tools to guide you on your journey.

Please enjoy this powerful step into nurturing your full potential.

Three part Leadership & Executive Coaching video series

  • An introduction to Positive Psychology and Leadership Coaching.
  • Next-generation leaders can achieve success by reducing negative pressure and expanding positive energy.
  • “Positive Mindset & Professional Success” is an easy-to-follow, 3-step online video course designed to help achieve this balance.
  • Offers concrete solutions for better peace of mind and clarity to step into the next level of potential.
  • Explore personal development tools, techniques, and strategies.
  • Hard copy worksheets and homework tools are included to guide participants on their journey towards success.

Other Services

Individual Professional Coaching sessions with Peter

Advanced Level: Individual Leadership & Executive Coaching

Experience direct engagement with Peter in our Next Generation Leadership Coaching Package, “Personal Power & Advanced Performance Leadership,” consisting of six sessions aimed at enhancing your leadership skills and unlocking your full potential.

Group Leadership Coaching sessions by Peter Doyle

Mastery Level: Leadership Circles Program

Enroll in our online Positive Psychology Video Coaching Course, “Positive Mindset & Professional Success”, to unlock your full potential and achieve success in your personal and professional life!