The Heart and Soul of leadership

Launching on Friday 30 June on the Gold Coast. Hurry, a few membership places remain available for motivated participants to join us & grow into your next level of potential!


Currently, we are all being tested in a complex and challenging world, both personally and in our workplace roles. Next-generation leadership is a key ingredient for navigating our challenging times, by expanding our mindset and amplifying our energy.
To operate at our best, we need peace of mind, clarity of intention and depth of purpose.


A six-month development Program for Exercising Power with Integrity and Purpose


Leadership and management theories and frameworks abound. Peter Doyle has done the research, and the coaching practice – for over 30 years, and pulled together, out of the “noise” of an overcrowded leadership development market the elements that are needed, and known to work – to achieve leadership practice that is:

• Optimally effective
• Aligns with, and expresses – your deepest personal and professional values, aspirations, and passion
• Ethical, has integrity
• Is sustainable – prevents burnout
• Has clear and practical road maps and frameworks
• Equips you with the tools to coach your own team members


This is not a beginner’s program. It is for current leaders who aspire to make a real and positive difference – in business, and the community, locally and beyond.

This program is at a higher level: it cultivates sophisticated leadership capabilities that are urgently needed in our turbulent times.


The Program:

• Half-day workshops, once a month – for 6 months
• No more than 10 participants, to maximise insights & discussion.
• Participants from a diverse range of workplaces
• Coaching and development approaches include individual and group coaching; expert information and advice; peer support, review and reflection; a comprehensive handbook of practical information.
• Rejuvenating process to nurture your spirit in a relaxing water views location.


To register your interest and/or learn more please contact us via our website
(reach out to us with your contact details and we will speak with you)


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